Tuesday, December 10, 2013

About Last Night, or... Our December Social

Nineteen quilters attended our first annual December Social on December 9. It was a great opportunity to get better acquainted, and talk about our favorite and least favorite sewing and quilting notions. Several people really stepped up our request to bring "one or two notions to share"... and brought a half dozen or more! Thankfully, those on the "favorite" side were in greater supply than those that were bad-mouthed as "unfavorite."
Gloria liking her binding tail joining tool
Frieda touting her bodkin, for pushing out point corners
Denise enlightening us about the many uses for sewer tank lining!
Denise and her comic book cards for fabric folding and storage.

Doris shows us a seam ripper, a tool we love to hate.
Karen and her Kona color card
Linda and her favorite 1/8"-thick nested circle acrylic rulers
Jill tells about her favorite Aurifil thread
Sandy likes her Martinelli rotary cutter
More than one quilter likes her magnetic bowl, from an automotive store.
Terry likes her magnifying seam ripper
Linda likes the flexible, fusible tape for joining batting pieces.
And, her dangerous-looking stiletto!
A quilt top by Carolyn
Sandy, who quilted this wreath herself
Sharon with her modern batiks quilt
longarm quilting
For the first time, we were able to get a picture of the group that's been responsible for getting our chapter off the ground.

We're grateful for the generous leadership of these quilters: (left to right)
Karen E.; Linda T.; Doris H.; Denise L.; Mel T.; Gae N.; Brenda H.; and Linda H.  

Missing from our group picture, yet not to pass unnoticed, was also valued input from Carla S., Sheddy R., and Carly W. Thank you everyone!

We're especially grateful for Karen's willingness to take on the chapter's leadership role beginning in 2014.

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