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Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the Guild shall consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Media Coordinator to be elected by the Membership. The Executive Committee shall also include the Immediate Past President of the Guild.

The Executive Committee shall have: 1) general supervision of the affairs of the Guild; 2) set policy; 3) fix the day, hour and place of Executive Committee and Regular Meetings; 4) control the proceeds of the Guild funds; and, 5) perform other duties as specified by the Bylaws.

Executive Committee Position Descriptions

The President shall:
Preside at all Regular Meetings, special meetings, and Executive Committee meetings.
With the approval of the Executive Committee, appoint all Committee Chair/Co-Chairpersons.
Attend committee meetings as an ex officio member of the committee, as necessary.
Coordinate committee activities.
Perform other duties as required as an official spokesperson for the Guild.

The Vice President shall:
In the absence of the President, conduct the Guild meetings, and/or Executive Committee meetings.
Assume the responsibilities of President in the event the President cannot complete the term of elected office.
Serve as an ex officio member of the Program Committee.
Oversee the review of the Guild Bylaws, as necessary.

The Treasurer shall:
Receive and bank all Guild monies.
Maintain bookkeeping records of all funds.
Disburse funds as authorized.
Serve as primary signer on checks of the Guild, and designate a secondary signer.
Provide a quarterly financial statement to the Executive Committee.
Within 60 days of the close of the fiscal year, provide financial records for auditing to a committee consisting of one Executive Committee Member, and two or more Members appointed by the Executive Committee.
Provide a complete financial report, to be presented to the Membership in January.

The Media Coordinator shall:
Maintain the Guild website, and any other forms of social media and technology.
Provide technology support to the Executive Committee, and Standing and Ad Hoc Committees during special activities and events.

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