2018 Chapter Leaders

2018 Central Florida MQG Executive Committee
These positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Media Coordinator, and Immediate Past President.

President Karen E.
Responsible for leading monthly meetings, participating in Executive Committee meetings, and generally overseeing chapter activities.
Karen E.
Vice Presidents Bette and Lynette
Responsible for conducting meetings in the absence of the president; serving as ex officio member of the program committee; and overseeing review and changes to bylaws.
L: Bette; R: Lynette
Secretary Marie
Attends quarterly (and as needed) Executive Committee Meetings to take notes; handles correspondence; and maintains documentation of meeting/event sign-ins, agendas, and minutes.
Treasurers Kathy G. and Susan
Program Coordinator Linda H.
Responsible for planning and scheduling meeting programs.

Media Coordinator Linda H. 
Responsible for documenting meetings, taking photos, and keeping our chapter’s blog and Instagram account up-to-date.
Linda H.
Immediate Past President (also current president) - Karen E.

2018 Central Florida MQG Standing Committees
These positions are: Membership, Librarian, Challenges, Retreats

Membership Gwen and Jane
Responsible for keeping current information about paid members; attending meetings to accept sign-ins; and welcome visitors and new members.
Gwen and Jane
Librarians Cindy and Karen T.
Responsible for bringing to meetings our library of modern books, and maintaining a system for checking out and returning them. 
Karen T.
Challenges - Beth and Debbie
Responsible for engaging chapter members in fun and educational modern quilting activities.
(L) Beth: 2018 Inspiration Challenge; (R) Debbie
Retreats - Ardie and Cindy
Responsible for planning and arranging Sew-Ins and Retreats.
Ardie and Cindy

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