Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Part 3: Ocean Improv Sea

How to Make the Blue/Green Improv Curves Sea
Please read through all instructions before beginning. If you have questions: email

Sea blocks are due before our September 10 Sew-In.

Use these colors: (left to right) Kona Ultra Marine; Kona Hyacinth; and Kona Ocean

A small amount of Kona White or Kona Silver (gray) may be added to these blocks.

With right sides facing up, slightly overlap two fabrics. Cut a curve. Place right sides together and sew the curve to join fabric 1 and fabric 2.

Cut a curve on one side of fabric 1 or fabric 2.

Place the cut curve on the right side of fabric 3.

From fabric 3, cut a curve to match. With right sides together, sew to join fabric 3 to fabric 1-2.

Continue in this manner, creatively inserting fabric scraps to make original blocks. Small amounts of white or Kona Silver (gray) may be added to these blocks.

Press seams to one side, all the same direction. Note: it's helpful to spray starch when pressing. Use Faultless or Mary Ellen's Best Pressed.

Make square and rectangle blocks in a variety of sizes.

Do not trim blocks to square up! Leave all edges uncut. 

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