Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fabric Postcard Swap

The Central Florida Modern Quilt Guild will be participating in a postcard swap with other Modern Quilt Guild chapters in Florida. Members who wish to participate should plan to make a postcard as follows:

1) 4" x 6" in size and no thicker than 1/8"

2) The postcard should have three layers: The top fabric layer may be pieced, stamped, painted, embroidered, or otherwise decorated (avoid loose items that may get hung up in the mail sorters); the middle layer should of a stiff material so it will not fold or crumple in the postal process. Cardboard, heavy card stock, or Timtex are appropriate; and the bottom layer should be white fabric or muslin, with a line drawn down the middle.

3) On the back left side of the postcard, write a note, or description of how the card was made. 

4) On the right side, allow room at the top left for your own (the card maker’s) very small return address. On the top right, allow room for the postage stamp; and on the bottom right, allow room for the recipient’s address. 

5) Chapter members should give their finished postcards, and 50-cents (postage) to Kelly Nigh Woodworth or Mel Tuck by the April 13 meeting. Kelly and Mel will be responsible for addressing your postcard and taking all of them to the post office to be hand stamped. 

You’ll find many fabric postcard tutorials online, and the Orlando MQG has set up in inspiration board on Pinterest:

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