Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Part 4: Yarrow Sand

How to Make the Straight Improv Sand
Please read through all instructions before beginning. If you have questions: email

Sand blocks are due before our September 10 Sew-In.

Use these colors: Kona Yarrow, occasionally inserting only a small amount of Kona Pink.

Not much explanation is needed to make sand. Simply sew together a variety of fabrics in narrow strips. Small amounts of pink may be inserted, and scraps joined to make longer strips. 

Slight curves may be made to give the impression of shifting sand.

If piecing is mostly straight, press seams open.

If piecing is mostly curves, press seams to one side, all going the same direction. Note: it's helpful to spray starch when pressing. Use Faultless or Mary Ellen's Best Pressed.

Make sand blocks in a variety of sizes of squares and rectangles.

Do not trim blocks to square up! Leave all edges uncut. 

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